Water Fountains

Bring the sounds and sights of water to your garden with our beautiful fountainscapes


We design, create and construct stunning Fountainscapes.

Check out the photos on this page to get inspiration for your fountainscape before you speak with us. 

Our range of fountains is always growing but a few favourites include: 

- Spillway Bowls

- Stacked-slate Urns

- Stacked-slate Spheres

- Basalt Columns 

- Stacked-slate Wall 

Many of these can be upgraded to our Water & Fire range, introducing a flame on top for incredible night-time views. 

Stacked Slate Spillway Wall_03.jpg

Add lights to your water fountains to enjoy the Aquascape lifestyle after dark. 

Add fire to your water features with our amazing Water & Fire designs.


"Any size garden can now enjoy the benefits of water "

What is a Water Fountainscape?

Our beautiful Fountainscapes can use a variety of Aquascape water features including spillway bowls, spheres, urns, basalt columns and more. These are built on an aqua-basin buried in the ground which feeds the water pumping system. 

We are Aquascape Artists and use decorative rocks and plants to make your Fountainscape project look unique and amazing. 

Stacked Slate Urn_02.jpg

Less maintainance 

Our Fountainscapes require almost no maintenance to keep running and looking stunning

Enjoy More wildlife

Having running water in your garden attracts birds and insects. 

Birds in particular love to bathe in the features and will become regular visitors to your garden. 


Enjoy the sounds and sights of water without any areas of deep water to worry about. 

It's safe for toddlers, babies and children to splash around near the fountains and explore nature. 

Natural looking 

Our Pondless waterfalls and streams blend into your garden and look like natural bodies of water. 

You won't find unsightly liner or pipes on show with our streams.

Small 6ft Pondless Waterfall_01.jpg

Why not get Inspired by looking at some beautiful photos and videos of other projects 

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